Artisan/Craft Application Process

The Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market (LFAM) complies with standards set by the Louisiana Crafts Guild (LCG) and the Division of the Arts Crafts Marketing Program.

The LFAM Artisan/Craft Committee will jury the work of all non-LCG-member Artisan/Craft Applicants prior to their acceptance as a vendor at the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market.

• Artisan Applicants who are currently juried members of the Louisiana Crafts Guild are eligible to apply directly to the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market by submitting an LFAM Artisan application and $25 application fee.

• Artisan Applicants who are NOT Guild Members or who have NOT been previously juried must first have their work juried and approved by the LFAM Artisan/Craft Committee in order to sell at the Market.

The Board of Directors of the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market reserves the right to review juried artisans’ work periodically to ensure that items sold at the market are of the same quality of the items each artisan was approved to sell through the jury process.

Types of Artisan/Craft Work Accepted:


Maintain traditional crafts learned within their own community. Their skills are passed down orally or by example rather than in the context of a classroom or workshop.

• Ritual & Festive Crafts

• Voodoo dolls, Mardi Gras mask, etc.

• Native American Crafts

• Palmetto weaving, moss dolls, woodcarvings, etc.

• Domestic Crafts: Quilting, weaving, soap making, broom making, etc.

• Folk Instruments: Fiddle making, triangle (tee fer), wash boards (frottoirs) etc.

• Rural Occupational Crafts: Blacksmithing, rope making, boat building, etc.


Craftsmen who have acquired knowledge of his craft through books, workshops, or education.

• Clay: Thrown or hand built forms. If a mold is used it must have been designed by the artist. No mass-produced ware.

• Fiber: Spinning, weaving, weaving baskets, cane bottom chairs, pine needle baskets and hand-woven cottons, etc.

• Glass: Flat “cold” and “hot” glass processes (stained glass, blown glass, laminated glass, etc.)

• Metal: Enameling, casting, granulation, repousse, engraving, metal spinning, inlay, cutlery, sculpture, decorative and utilitarian ironwork, etc.

• Wood: Furniture, carving, sculpting, etc. (If a clock is made, the mechanism can be purchased, but not the housing – must be handmade.)

• Mixed Media: Drawing and painting are allowed if part of an original piece of art in 3D. Example: Decorative gourds. Other examples of mixed media would be collages, decoupage on an original 3D item, and architectural salvage, altered or assembled in an aesthetic creative manner. Beading: if commercial beads are used they must be used in a creative manner and not just strung with the use of commercial clasps. Fabric dyeing – silk and batiking are eligible. Block printing is eligible only if the original block is submitted for review with the printed pieces.


• Painting: Original watercolors, oils, and acrylics and works on paper that represent and evoke the urban and rural cultures and traditions of Louisiana.

• Photography: Color and Black & White photography that represent and evoke the urban and rural cultures and traditions of Louisiana. Prints must be limited edition (up to 100) and signed and numbered.

    Are you a current member in good standing of the Louisiana Crafts Guild.

    Contact Information

    About Your Work

    Do you need water access?

    Rules and Regulations

    There is a $50 Annual Membership Fee, due once you are accepted as an artisan.

    If accepted as an artisan, I AGREE to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Lafayette Market,TO OBTAIN LIABILITY INSURANCE and any and all PERMITS and LICENSES (where applicable); TO ASSIST in the inspection of my garden or farm by agents of the Lafayette Market;TO SELL only agricultural products produced in my garden/farm, production facility or harvested on my boat.

    I FURTHER AGREE NOT to hold the Lafayette Consolidated Government, Community Foundation of Acadiana, and/or the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at the Moncus Park or its representatives and employees responsible for any damages arising out of the sales of my farm products or from my presence on the market site. Any images captured by camera are public and may be used in any marketing materials by the Lafayette Market.

    I accept the terms above and have read the Rules and Regulations of the Lafayette Market.

    Payment Information

    When you click the "Submit" button below, you will be redirected to our application fee page. Please submit your $25 Application Fee through PayPal to complete your application. This application will only be reviewed upon receipt of payment.