Organizations with official 501c-3 status may apply for a Guest booth space at the Market by submitting the Non-Profit Representative Guest Application. The Board of Directors and Market Director will approve applications based on the organization’s ability to demonstrate a significant relationship with the market’s mission on their application. Due to space limitations, only one non-profit representative will be allowed at the Market each week, solely to promote and educate market-goers about their organization. Approved non-profit representatives will not be permitted to fund raise, sell merchandise, sell memberships, or make any financial transactions with market-goers. Once approved, non-profit representatives may require scheduling far in advance because of space limitations.

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    Upon signing and submitting this application, I hereby attest that I do so with the proper authority as an owner or lawful agent of the business and that the above information is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the submission of this application does not guarantee my participation. I further understand that, upon approval of this application, I will abide by the Policies and Procedures for Vendors.