We have FREE and PAY parking at Moncus Park and a FREE, handicap-accessible shuttle from Blackham Coliseum. We’ll see you at the market!

Mark Hernandez, Market Director
Mark Hernandez, Market Director


We have FREE and PAY parking at Moncus Park and a FREE, handicap-accessible shuttle from Blackham Coliseum. We’ll see you at the market!


Gonsoulin Land and Cattle
Mrs Frances Pies
Emilia’s Tamales
Cajun Acres Hydroponics
Hunt’s Perfect Roast
Wright Honey
Paul Ayo Foods
R2 Postitive Culture
Sage’s Seamoss
Lily Bean Soaps
Indian Village Harvest Barn Peaches
Soso’s Brazilian Treats
Delizioseaux Pasta
Priya’s Indian Foods
ALL CAPS Gourmet Mushrooms
The Rolling Pin
Grinning Jupiter Jammery
Irma’s Kitchen
C’est Tout Trinity
Simply Carmelicious
PJ’s Jerky | PJs Designs
Anding Honey Farm
Dragonfly Bath & Body
Elizabeth Harper Fine Art
The Moonlit Path
MI Energy Bahrs
Jigg Jewels
Sliding Delta Studio
Aaron Grey CO
Dip and Dabble Facepainting
Nothing But a Sewing Needle
Steve Seneca Art
Extreme Cypress
Henna by Laura Westbrook
Magnolia Studios
Kindred Kitchen
Bitter Judy’s Box
Rusted Rooster
Happy Happy Eating
Uno Paleta
Best Burger Lafayette
Cajun Cane Kettle Corn
Piacere Neapolitan Pizza
Peace, Love and Smoke
Garden District Soapery
City Girl’s Farm
Dowden Pecan Farm
Pasta Lab
A Rolling Stone
Belle’s Kitchen
Yum Y’all
Josey’s Goods
Worm Lady Recycles
Inglewood Farm
Blazing Star Farm
Stelly’s Organic Farm
Andy’s Veggies
Cajun Prairie Farm
Gerard Baudoin Okra
Delcambre Direct Seafood
Light from Stars
Barbara Jane’s Jean Purses
EH Glazz
Red Sand Farm
Acadian Slice Pies
Angel’s Health and Awareness
Those Sugar Mamas
2 Girls and a Cheesecake
Fathers Espresso
T-Moise Farm
Hill Crest Creamery
Magnolia Moon

Parking Information


Jump on our FREE shuttle service from the Blackham Coliseum “Cabbage Patch.” From Johnston, turn onto Coliseum Rd. and park in the large shite shell lot.

These ADA-approved shuttles are wheelchair-accessible and the load/unload step can be lowered for walkers, older citizens, and those with disabilities. Shuttles pass every 15 minutes.


There are 150 paved parking spots at Moncus Park near the playground area. The cost is free for the first 30 minutes and $2/hr afterward. There are 12 handicapped parking spaces here. Turn into Moncus Park from Johnston and go STRAIGHT at the traffic circle. Parking attendants will help direct you.

Please use one of these parking options. Parking at nearby businesses and shopping centers is not intended for market visitors and you may be towed.

The Market Goat!
Hunt's Perfect Roast
Organic & Low Acid Coffees
Emilia’s Tamales
Homemade Hot Tamales
C’est Tout Trinity
Cajun Jambalaya Mix
Cajun Prairie Farm
Fresh Produce
Jigg Jewles
Hand-crafted Jewelry


The Cajun Jam at the Lafayette Farmers & Artisans Market is a lively music experience that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Louisiana. The jam session encourages musicians of all levels to bring their instruments and join in, creating a fun and communal atmosphere.

Recent Jam Leaders include Luke Huval & Amelia Biere, Bobby & Tommy Michot, Lisa Trahan & John Buckaloo, John & Jane Vidrine, Forest Huval, Jason Harrington & Ade Huval, Don Fontenot & Henry Hample, Sarah Jayde, Gina Forsyth & Jan Boney, Terry Huval & Reggie Matte, Ryan & JP Simon, Adeline Miller, Jimmy Breaux & Joel Breaux, and Sheryl & Russel Cormier.

Chow Bella
Gourmet Dog Bakery
B&P BBQ Sauce
Spicy Man
Caribbean Pepper Sauces
La Tente Francaise
Lucia Bakehouse
Extreme Cypress
Handcrafted Trinkets
Soso's Brazilian Treats
Urban Naturalist
Cajun Jam



Local businesses give a community its flavor. The Market’s many local & diverse vendors set us apart from other area markets. By supporting these vendors, you ensure that uniqueness is preserved as a part of our community.


Buying local foods has numerous health benefits to your family. When you buy from local farmers, you have access to fruits and vegetables that you know are chemical free, as well as grass-fed meats, fresh eggs, and dairy from cows that feast on local green grass each day. There are also benefits to eating raw local honeys, which are thought to help battle allergies.


The LAFAYETTE FARMERS & ARTISANS MARKET is located at Moncus Park – 100 acres of historic agricultural land in the heart of the Hub City. It’s an ideal location for our local farmers, artisans, and value-added producers to gather each week under the property’s majestic oak trees to sell their wares, foods, and fresh produce.